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PG Banshee Norn-05

Time to start on the feet of this large PG Banshee Norn, and yes 90% of it will not be seen once put together, but I like to keep my sanding & painting skills up, so all the inner frame of the feet were painted in various metallic shades, but I covered up the poly caps where the ankle will fit to make sure no issues later on.

PG Unicorn Banshee Norn feet inner frame

That’s the feet done after fitting the very articulated ankle joints, and the main outer armour & sole of the Banshee’s feet. The delicate side armour pieces I will fit only near the end so as not to damage the painting I did on them in the dark blue.

PG Unicorn Banshee Norn feet finished
Feet finished bar the side armour pieces

Let’s get a few more pieces out of the box & work on the lower leg armour sub assemblies. As they are designed to open out when in various modes each unit has thirteen pieces to it alone. b assemblies has 13 parts alone. As well as the main deep blue I used as blue/grey colour on just a couple of pieces to help define the armour pieces & help break the colour up.

PG Unicorn Banshee Norn lower leg armour completed for fitting

As you can see on the armour piece on the right when opened up the inner orange units can be pulled out showing the gold inner frame colour.

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