Past Blog List

Aye up one and all.

To make it easier here is a list of all the “In Build” blog posts from day one of this new website for a particular model to save you having to go through them all.

It is just a case of clicking on the links below for whichever model you want & it will bring you straight to it.

Bandai 1/500 Space Battleship Yamato

RE/100 “Custom Coloured” MSN-04 Nightingale

PG (1/60) Banshee Norn

Pretty Armor “Viper” Bike

BTF 1/24 GAT-X105 Ali Strike Bust

Bandai “Figure Rise” Large Green Haro

Bandai “Figure Rise” Setsuna F Seiei Bust

Bandai PG RX-78GP01\fb

Bandai 1/48 Mega Unicorn Gundam

RB-79 Mobile Pod Ball Ver KA

Diorama for PG RX-78GP01\fb

Once a kit is finished I will take quite a few pictures of it & post on the Finished Kits page & a final blog post. Feel free to let me know what you think of the builds, and I am open to constructive criticism or other build ideas.