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Pretty Armor Viper bike -04

Getting the bikes forks prepared by painted the outer & inner sections in two different metallic shades, but oh once I glued them together those damn ugly seam lines showed up again.

Pretty Armor bike fork parts primed and painted
Outer fork sections painted on the Pretty Armor V3 bike
Pretty Armor bike forks filled and sanded
Once glued together very large seam lines on the bike forks appeared that need sorting

I sanded the seam lines down smooth and with thinned down Revell filler using Contacta glue I carefully put it in the gaps. Once dry it was sanded down smooth, then to “seal” the filler a very fine layer of thin superglue was smeared over the filler and when dry sanded again. As you can see below the gaps were pretty large. These now need re-painting.

Pretty Armor bike forks filled and sanded
Filled and sanded Pretty Armor forks now ready for re-painting

After re-doing the paint work on the sanded sides to match the original paint you can now see they look a lot better as they will be on view when the Pretty Armor bike is finished.

Pretty Armor bike forks finished
Finished Pretty Armor bike forks now ready to be fitted

Taking a break from the forks it is now time to start on the outer panels of the bike. I decided to do these in a strong purple colour then highlight the panel lines with a light grey. So to start I cleaned up the panels, gave them a grey primer and 2 light coats of purple. I am going to let these dry for a good couple of days before I start the panel lining.

Pretty Armor bike inner panels painted
First set of outer panels for the Pretty Armor bike primed and painted purple.

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