Bandai Figure Rise Setsuna F Seiei Bust

These busts from Bandai are in the “Figure Rise” range and can be used separately, or together with the characters model kit. This is what I will be doing when I get round to making my PG Gundam 00 Raiser.

There are not many parts to these and instead of just using the moulded plastic colours I wanted to add some shading to Setsuna’s hair instead of just the black, so I used some track wash and thinned dark brown to give depth and highlights at some parts of his hair. The suit was painted instead of using the stickers that come with the kit as I find these thick and obvious to the eye. Unusually used black instead of dark grey for the panel lining as I deliberately wanted strong definition between the blue and white of the tunic.

Here are the links to the blog posts in making the Setsuna bust…

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Bandai “Figure Rise” Setsuna F Seiei Bust


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Completed Bandai Figure Rise Setsuna F Seiei bust No.1