About Gundammodels.net

What is this website all about?

I’ve been building plastic scale models since the 70’s with Airfix kits from my local shop just a few miles from where I lived (Closed down ages ago).

One class of model I love doing are the Gundam and Anime kits which are hard to find in the UK and expensive to ship from Japan and other countries outside the UK. They are designed to be unpainted and snap-fix so can be built within hours, but I like to sand, fill, sand, fill and then paint either back to the original colour or just go freestyle with an airbrush with whatever theme takes my fancy. My other kit stash consists mainly of Sci-Fi, ships and larger scale cars & armour.  

Sadly my hobby is not a small one and have taken over our so called spare bedroom with un-built kit boxes stacked erratically like a chaos version of Jenga. Apologies to my wife here for nicking her ironing board, dining table, pegs, cloths & anything else I need when making them. 

 I have started to get more into airbrushing so can do better finishes, mess with metallic shades and add weathering to the models. Luckily used to sell airbrushes, spray booths  & tools, so all I have to buy are the paints. Would like to have a go at doing some detailed stencil work, but will be trying on sample pieces before venturing onto actual kits.  

I am happy to say I am a founder member, and helped set up the “UK Gunpla/Mecha S.I.G.” (Special Interest Group) within the UK International Plastic Modellers’ Society (IPMS) so we can show our models at various events and chat to fellow model makers or general public about this genre of model making and hopefully get few more interested in building them..

When not model making my other interests can be found on my wife and I’s joint personal website at www.msrigby.co.uk so I thought it would be time to tie the whole lot in with all the other social media platforms out there and collate the text and pictures into hopefully one neat area.

|Enough of the blurb so please enjoy visiting this website, and please let me know what you think…