MG PMX-003 “The O”

This is the static page for my MG 1/100 scale PMX-003 otherwise known as “The O”.

Sadly was going to do a build blog for this model, and did take a lot of pictures while making it, but I had drive issues and have lost a lot of them so would not have made much sense with a big hole, so have waited till it’s finished to post the final results.

Now I know the “The O” should be a yellow/sand colour but I decided to do it in a custom 2 tone blue scheme with copper highlights that may not be to everyone’s taste, but I am known for not sticking to script and coming out with some outrageous schemes. This kit is also one of the few that I have used some metal detailing parts to just raise the details up a touch, but instead of the original chrome colour i did airbrush a lot in bronze & copper shades.


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Finished model of the MG PMX-003 "The O" No.01