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Pretty Armor Viper bike -05

Before I start on putting the frame together I need to make a lot of moveable connection joints for the fairing, wings etc so decided to paint these in a brass colour. So that the polycaps don’t get stuck I used some liquid mask in all the fixing points beforehand. After priming and the brass metallic paints had dried the joints went together very easily & will provide a nice contrast against the purple of the main parts of the armour of the bike.

Pretty Armor bike mounting joints masked ready for painting
Liquid mask in the poly cap holes before painting
Pretty Armor bike mounting pieces painted
Putting the painted bike mountings together

I decided to give some of the armour and Pretty Armour bike fairing some panel lining effects and I used a mid grey to give, to me, the best shade & colour scheme. took 2 attempts to get the paint to stay where it was needed as the panel lines are not that deep.

Pretty Armor bike wings panel lined for detailing

Fitting the parts onto the the Pretty Armor bike’s engine was very easy and just some gentle pressure on the inner frame parts parts to get them to sit right. The front and rear wheels and forks just popped into position and now give the bike a long low feel to it’s design.

Pretty Armor bike forks fitted to main bike frame
Inner frame & wheels fitted to Viper bike

The fuel tanks are following the purple paint scheme, but I will say take care putting then together as twice the small clear parts moved out of position just as I was about to close them up. The finished tanks mount on the top of the frame, and then I fitted the bike grips that had some details painted on them like rubber hand grips & 2 shade metallic main part.

Pretty Armor bike fuel tanks now fitted
Fuel tanks and bike grips fitted to the frame

Take care, and I do mean take care fitting the front armour parts to the front of the bike as it is very easy to catch the sharp edges and if painted like mine damage the top coats as I had to repaint some parts. Well the Pretty Armor bike is coming along really well now, and not much more to paint & fit.

Pretty Armor bike wheels and windscreen fitted
Side view of front fairing / armour on the Viper bike
Pretty Armor bike front fairing and windshield close up
Close up of the front tyres, wheels and fairings on the Viper bike.

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