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Bandai Figure Rise Green Haro -01

This is going to be a “fun” build for me but still will be doing a lot of painting on it as I’m going to make the green Haro with full detailed interior and then cover with the clear green outer shell instead of the solid green ones also supplied.

To start with the core of it’s interior and some of the first stage of panels were primed with both matt & satin black. I find this produces some very unique colour changes once the metallic coats go on. Even if I use the same colour say “burnt Aluminium” when you put it on a matt base it will be different when put against a piece with satin or gloss black base.

Figure Rise green Haro parts now primed in matt and satin black
Parts of the Haro primed with matt & satin black

Now the primer has cured I started to put the metallic shades back to the inner core parts of the haro. Using basically two main shades that are steel and titanium, then will use different ones for some of the smaller panels to produce contrasts.

Figure Rise green Haro inner core painted with metallic shades
Central core of Haro painted in the metallic base shades

While the core dries I got to work on the “feet” of Haro ready to fit later on. I painted the adjustable sections with gunmetal grey after priming and the bottom section disc in steel. The fixing joints for the feet were not painted as they won’t be seen but I did do some sanding and filing of the holes so the adjustable pins were not too tight.

Figure Rise green Haro feet primed and painted
Feet painted ready to go onto Haro later

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