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1/500 Bandai Space Battleship Yamato_03

Starting work on the super structure, and removed the seam lines and filled in the area around the bridge after fitting the green plastic for the windows. I used bluetak to cover where the green was before spraying.

1/500 Space Yamato upper bridge started
Upper bridge section of the Bandai 1/500 Space battleship Yamato

The front hull section was fitted and the bow section filled and sanded to produce a seamless bow area. Some primer was sprayed to check if any areas on the Yamato needed work.

Bandai 1/500 Space Yamato bow section fitted and sanded
Bow section of the Bandai 1/500 Yamato fitted and sanded

With a lot of the guns on this Yamato being small and delicate I fitted just the small turrets bases on leaving the guns off and checked the fitting of the front bridge section which did need some filing at the base to make the joint less obvious.

1/500 Bandai Space Yamato bridge and gun turrets fitted
Forward bridge and small gun turrets fitted to 1/500 Bandai Space Yamato

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