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Pretty Armor Viper bike -03

After priming the tyres on the Pretty Armor bike and fitting the wheels I was not happy at all with the seam lines I could see and as would be very visible decided to work on them.

Pretty Armor bike tyre with large seam line

I used my normal Revell filler that I thin down, and after 2 lots of filler and sanding the seam lines had gone. I always “seal” the filler with very thin superglue spread over the filler and sand this down when dry to a glass like finish.

Pretty Armor bike tyre with large seam line

Once primed and sprayed with dark rubber the tyres now look a lot better.

Pretty Armor bike tyres finished with no seam lines

The painted brakes and hub units were carefully pushed into place after a light bit of trimming of the brake pad sides.

Pretty Armor bike wheels and tyres finished

Covered these up ready to fit in a later stage to the forks of the bike.

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