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Bandai Figure Rise Setsuna F Seiei Bust – 02

Now I’m back to modelling again time for me to get this Setsuna bust finished off. With all the suit panel lines done was time to put it all together.

Once the neck of the tunic and shoulder pieces were put in place and checked to see that the painting effects were what I wanted, I fitted the panel lined suit armour pieces to the top of the shoulders together with the front and back sections. I found it better to fit the shoulder pieces second as the instructions suggest so the cut out sections sit better against the front piece.

Setsuna F Seiei torso finished
Setsuna F Seiei torso finished

All that needs to be done is fit the inner neck joint and the skin toned cover then gently push Setsuna’s completed head onto it.

Setsuna F Seiei face on finished view
Setsuna F Seiei finished view

I am not using the supplied base as when I finally get round to building my PG Exia the bust will be mounted to it

Setsuna F Seiei side head view
Setsuna F Seiei side head view

Will do Setsuna’s “Photoshoot” soon against a better background.

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