BandaiNon scale

Bandai Figure Rise Green Haro -03

To add some colour difference to the eye section I chose to do the inner section in the brighter metallic shade of Stainless Steel and the outer section that mounts to the main body in Pale Burnt Metal. This is to match the main inner frame of the Haro and will only be seen if the outer cover is removed.

Haro eyes fitted into holder

Eye section just did not want to go into place but was all my fault. I had done a typical beginners mistake in that the mounting holes on the inner body had some primer and paint still in them so needed to scrape it out a bit then it fitted perfect.

Haro eyes mounted into main body

The cover for the eyes had been painted prior in Gun Metal and popped into place to add to the effect of different metals used in making Haro.

The hatch was also painted in Gun Metal and the front cover pushed into place. For added strength I put some blobs of glue on the pins of the hinge for the hatch so it would not break or work loose.

Haro hatch painted and fitted

There we go most of the large scale Haro now complete. Just the hands and outer transparent panels to go…

Haro hatch shown in fixed position

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