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Pretty Armor Viper bike -06

Time to do some detailing work on the swords and pistols that will sit in the inside of the outer fairings of the bike ready for use. The handles were painted black then detailed with grey on the recesses. The pistols were painted in gun metal then with grey and purple for added depth. I had to have a steady hand for this work, but was worth the effort when done.

Pretty armor weapons painted and detailed
Swords and pistols painted and detailed
Pretty Armor gun highlights close up
Close up of the pistol details

The last subsection to finish off is the engine/exhaust section. I did try to give the end of the exhaust verniers a “burnt” look but on later review it doesn’t look real as it is too symmetrical and not blended enough. More practice needed here before I can perfect this to how I want it to be.

Pretty Armor bike exhaust fitted
Jet engine exhaust fitted to the bike rear

The finished and painted panels for the exhaust of the Viper bike were pushed in place & I checked that the fins could still open up if I wanted and not catch on the top section. I fitted the swords and guns to the moveable fairing and pushed them into the adjustable mounting. A quick dust of the model and final check to see if any of the edges had got damaged or marked and this is virtually finished.

Pretty Armor Viper bike completed
Front outer and exhaust fairing fitted to the bike

Just a few minor touching up of the paint on the bike was done where I accidentally dropped it on it’s side, then the final piece of the adjustable side stand to push into place & the Pretty Armor “Viper” bike is done.

Pretty Armor bike stand and rear rest pegs fitted
Bike stand and rear rest pegs fitted in place
Pretty Armor bike side view of stand and rear rest pegs
Bike stand and rear rest pegs fitted in place

Will try and take some better pictures of the completed bike in the next few days before it gets put in my display cabinet.

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