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BSC 1/35 RX-0 Gundam Bust

No two ways about it, this 1/35 scale bust is large and highly detailed and using grey for some of the panels helped instead of all the armour being white. There area lot of LED’s to fit as well and the terminals need bending and cutting to fit so take care and read the instructions at least twice before starting a stage so you know exactly what to do and where the wires need to go.

Fitting of parts is excellent, but if you do paint kits like me, you will need to remove it off the fitting pegs as they are already a tight fit to start with.

For powering the lights I went straight to using the micro USB option as I had glued and painted some parts, but even you don’t the thought of trying to get the battery box out each time would mean the kit getting damaged, or at least, loosing a mounting peg or two.

If you want just a quick look, then please click on the thumbnails below :-

1/35 RX-0 bust No.1

1/35 RX-0 bust No.2

1/35 RX-0 bust No.3

1/35 RX-0 bust No.4

Bu if you want the full slideshow then here it is is……


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Picture No.01 of my finished BSC (Yi Hui) 1/35 RX-0 bust

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