RE/100 MSN-04 “Custom Colour” Nightingale – 07

Yes there has been a long delay in this kit & that’s due to while moving kits around for some decorating I lost some parts. Now they have been found it has allowed me to carry on with the kit, so let’s get on….

Those seam lines on the front armour have now gone. As you can see on the picture below it looks a lot smoother, and more a single piece as where the join was didn’t look like where a natural line would be.

RE/100 Nightingale front armour seams finished
Front armour seam line removed

Time to put the head together. There’s actually not many parts to it and a lot of the join lines of the parts are hidden, the earlier work on the top fin section to remove the large seam line gives it a nice smooth flow now. I put some detailing on the underside of the head section like on the pipes just to lift the moulding up a bit.

RE/100 Nightingale head section finished
Nightingale head section top view

This is a side view of the finished head section showing how a lot of the parts flow from one to the other.

RE/100 Nightingale side view of finished head
Nightingale head section side view

Let’s get the arms done. There is not an inner frame to the arms of the RE/100 Nightingale and the joints fit into the top of the armour directly. The two main top arm joints have mouldings simulating a kind of “gaitor”, so when I made these I removed the seam line & as best as possible smoothed the seam line before painting. I chose a dark rubber colour from the “Panzer Aces” range to make it look like something that was flexible.

Once the main joints were dry I assembled the arms together making sure that I did not scratch the metallic blue or gold highlight pieces.

RE/100 Nightingale arms completed
Nightingale arms completed

The large armour part that goes on the upper main section does not have many parts and a lot of them will not be that visible, but I still like to add painted highlights to details just to give better definition. Even just a few drops of paint in a recess or panel lining are things I like to do, and these parts had the same treatment.

RE/100 Nightingale top section details added
Details added to top armour

The completed top armour just pops into place after fitting the small side thrusters, and the earlier painted parts on the main core now show through it’s top. once this part is on there just a few small parts to fit, then the inner section where the head will fit. Now this was, with being painted a very tight fit and had to scrape and smooth the edges to get it to sit and lock into place.

RE/100 Nightingale top section added to core unit
Nightingale top armour fitted

Here is a side view of the completed top core showing the painted details I’ve added.

RE/100 Nightingale top section side view
Nightingale top armour side view

There is not much to say about the three smaller fuel tanks that fit into this section. There was the typical seam lines with this kind of tank, so I just sanded & filled any gaps before painting.

RE/100 Nightingale fuel tanks finished
Nightingale fuel tanks

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