Finished Models

This is just a simple page to help people find the finished models I’ve built over the years.

When I have chance to take half decent pictures of them I’ll do a short page and then post as normal and add a link on here.

OK then let’s get started ….

Finished Models

Mirage C04-Atlas
GNARMS Type D with Dynamis
GNARMS with Dynames
1/48 MEGA Zaku II
1/48 MS06 Zaku II
AV98 Ingram 2
AV98 Ingram 2
Bandai MS-14A Gelgoog
MG MS-14A Gelgoog
Pretty Armor “Viper” Bike
1/35 RX-93 HiV completed bust
1/35 RX-93-2 Hi V Gundam Bust
BSC (Yi Hui) 1/35 RX-0 finished bust
1/35 RX-0 Unicorn Bust
MG PMX-003 "The O"
MG PMX-003 “The O”
Completed GAT-X105 Ali Strike Cockpit
1/24 GAT-X105 Ali Strike Cockpit
1/24 GAT-X105 Ali Strike Bust
1/24 GAT-X105 Ali Strike Bust

Completed Bandai Setsuna F Seiei bust
Figure Rise “Setsuna F Seiei” Bust
Completed Figure Rise Green Haro
Figure Rise Green Haro