1/24 GAT-X105 Ali Strike Cockpit

As the 1/24 GAT-X105 head bust is near completion it’s now the right time to post up the finished cockpit from BTF that I did back in 2019 that is meant to go with it.

The finished cockpit is designed to sit below the head section but I wanted to be able to see more of the cockpit and leave on some parts of the head bust that you have to leave off when doing this, so have made them in full together with a joint power lead for when I have them lit.

I have tried to give the cockpit sides some detailing by panel lining and added painting details, and the inside by detailing up the seats and controls. I have followed the purple used in the pistons through to the head sections that you can see in my blog pages. I have left the stickers for the head up display off as I wanted it to be in a “powered down” mode but will fit them in once I have done photographs of the 2 kits together.


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Finished GAT-X105 Ali Strike Cockpit from BTF No.02