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Bandai Figure Rise Green Haro -04

There really is ot much more to do to this Bandai Figure Rise Haro, but in the instructions the hands are done very early, but with me painting the kit there are seam lines on the hands that I want to get rid of.

In preperation for this stageshed the hands green and glued the halves of each hand together making sure none got on the moving joints and allowed it to set. Once dry I sanded down the seam lines around Haro’s hands and then filled them with thinned down plastic filler and let it set for a couple of days.

Haro hands gap filled ready for sanding
Haro hands gap filled

I carefully sanded the filled in seams for the hands down to leave a smooth and seam free join. This is now ready to have the paint touched up in these areas.

Haro hand sanded ready for painting
Haro hand sanded ready for painting

I masked off the main part of Haro’s hands and the arm sections ready for touching up. Before the paint had fully dried I removed the masking and just left it to cure.

Haro hands now painted and model completed
Haro hands now re-painted

So there we have it. Bar fitting the transparent green outer shell of Haro, it is completed. I will not fit these till I have done the proper photographs of Haro as once the shell is on a lot of the various metallic shading will not be visible anymore.

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