about “Gundammodels.net”

You want to know more, so here it is…

In my  40+ years of model making have drifted in & out of various scales and types of models which are on my sister website, but for the past few years I have grown to love building are Gundam and Anime kits which are hard to find in the UK and expensive to ship from Japan and other countries outside the UK.

With finding a lot of fellow model makers on social media wanting to make this area of the modelling hobby more visable we have now set up within the umbrella of the UK IPMS a seperate SIG called “Gunpla & Mecha UK SIG”. This will allow us to have tables at various UK model shows to showcase this side of the hobby.

These kits are designed to be unpainted and snap-fix so can be built within hours, but I like to sand, fill, sand,fill and then paint either back to the original colour or just go freestyle with an airbrush with whatever theme takes my fancy.

   Sadly my hobby is not a small one and have taken over our so called spare bedroom with unbuilt kit boxes stacked erratically like a chaos version of Jenga. Apologies to my long suffering wife for nicking her ironing board, dining table, pegs, cloths & anything else I need when making them.  I have also started to get more into airbrushing so can do better finishes, mess with metallic shades and hope to start adding weathering to the models. 

   Well thanks for reading and time to start modelling…